Yellow pawpaw set picture

Yellow pawpaw set

R 1,630

Yellow paw set, Its functions; -Lightens you up to 2-3shades -seamlessly lightens stretch marks and blends it with your skin tone that you’ll have to strain your eyes to see and remember that you have stretch marks (ps: it is not a cure for stretch marks). Who can use it? *Any caramel or light skin human (from age 19 upwards). It all depends on how light you’re looking to be.. . . Who shouldn’t use *A person who’s dark or chocolate toned. WHY? You wouldn’t have a perfectly blended tone as you may end up with dark knuckles and other skin discolorations. - consist of yellow paw paw lotion 250ml, Exfoliating black soap 250ml, body scrub 250ml, facial cleanser 100ml, lightening face soap 150, extreme whitening face cream 50ml

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